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The 8 kinds of human cancer

One,Drink hot tea a day
Regular consumption of high temperature (70 ℃) concentrated tea, not only easy to burn the esophagus chronic ulcer formation, and the tea tannin can be deposited at the site of injury, stimulating the injured esophageal epithelial cells, resulting in chronic ulcer, prolonged does not heal, cause carcinogenesis.

Two, often stay up late to work overtime
Cancer cells in the normal process of cell division in mutation and the formation of. The night is the cell division of the most productive period, if the night sleep, reduce the human body immunity, mutated cells is not easy to be cleared in time, which may lead to the occurrence of cancer. And boil The night is always smoking Coffee refreshing drink, but also easy to make more carcinogenic substances enter the body.

Three, often hold back is the toilet
Urine contains one or several carcinogenic substances, can stimulate the bladder epithelial carcinogenesis. Harmful substances in stool more, such as hydrogen sulfide, skatole, product of cholesterol metabolism and secondary bile acid and other carcinogens, if often stimulates the intestinal mucosa, can cause carcinogenesis.

Four, belong to allergy

USA scientists conducted a survey of nearly 40000 people, those who had asthma and for certain drugs or chemicals allergy, than non allergic individuals are more likely to develop cancer. Odds have allergy history of female breast cancer is 30% higher than normal; there is a history of allergies in men with prostate cancer risk 40% higher than normal.

Five, belongs to the vitamin deficiency
The expert thinks, in vivo protective vitamin fewer people susceptible to cancer invasion. Lack of vitamin A, beta carotene, the risk of lung cancer increased 3 times; vitamin C deficiency, the risk of esophageal cancer, gastric cancer was increased by 2 times and 3.5 times; in vitamin E deficiency The crowd lip cancer, oral cancer, skin cancer, cervical cancer, gastric cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer incidence will increase.

Six, life prefers to eat carnivorous
Experts American Harvard University found that day, the staple food of people to pigs, cattle, sheep and other livestock meat, 2.5 times higher risk of colorectal cancer than those only a month to eat several times a small carnivorous; risk of pancreatic cancer, also with the ingestion of meat increased with increasing amount of.

Seven, the children of cancer patients
Cancer genetics research thinks, have a great relationship with the genetic factors of human cancers, offspring risk of cancer patients were significantly higher than the general population.

The eight, suffering from hypertension
Although not directly cause cancer, but the two disease have a common mechanism. Obesity, alcohol, smoking, eating too much salt, can make blood pressure elevatory, can also cause cancer. So the prevention of high blood pressure can also reduce the risk of cancer.

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