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So from now through Thanksgiving weekend

So from now through Thanksgiving weekend, try these tricks. Do something visual or playful with your food while you eat. Take bites in a spiral, eating from the outside to the inside. Alternate one bite from each  p57 hoodia food on your plate so the portions decrease equally. Use these tricks to focus your attention on the process of eating. It's pretty much certain you'll eat slower, eat less, and notice that you're full before all your food is gone. Voila – automatic portion control!

Put Yourself in the Driver's Seat

One of the stories we tell ourselves during the holidays is that we're not in charge, therefore we're not responsible. "I can't help it if my family cooks a rich meal and expects everyone to stuff themselves" is an example of this kind of thinking. Of course, this is simply not true. No one has any say in what you put in your mouth but you. And if family expectations are an issue, buy p57 hoodia cactus slimming capsule  there are lots of tricky ways around that. (And no, you don't have to feed your leftovers to the dog under the table like you did as a kid.) Some people take a small portion and eat it slowly, so it looks like they have a full plate throughout the meal.  p57 hoodia cactus official site Some people say they've "developed a food allergy" to explain why they're skipping the bread and pie. After all,  hoodia capsule going gluten-free is such a trend nowadays, it barely raises eyebrows.

Eat Like a Kid
Ever looked up from your morning paper (or your ipad) and discovered your entire bowl of cereal is gone and you don't remember eating it? For contrast, watch a child eat, and you'll notice the difference.  hoodia pills Maybe he plays with each type of food on the plate, mounding up peas, making faces in his mashed potatoes. Or maybe he's just playful while he eats, sailing each  p57 hoodia cactus slimming capsule spoonful through the air. Either way, he enjoys the experience minute by minute, and chances are when he's done there's still amount on his plate.

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