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What is the function of iStick TC100W Micro USB Port

1. Charging for iStick TC100W: The battery power indicator on the screen of iStickTC100W will keep flashing when the remaining power of the 18650 cells is less than 10%.The 18650 cells can be charged in the iStick TC100W through USB port at the bottom of the device via 1A wall adapter or charged with a separate battery charger. If the 18650 cells are charged in the iStick TC100W, the battery indicator on the screen will keep flashing during charging and the screen will go out when fully charged. It is recommended to charge the 18650 cells with a separate battery charger as it will take less time to give them a full charge. 

2. Support Firmware Upgrading: The firmware can be upgraded by connecting the device with a computer through the USB port via a micro USB cable.
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