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7 Strange Superstitions You Might Still Believe

There are a lot of strange superstitions that we still follow, even though we know that there's no foundation to them. Often we don't even think about why we do (or don't do) something; we just feel that it's right or wrong. Here are some of the strange superstitions you might still believe …

1. Opening Umbrellas Indoors

One of the strange superstitions that many of us still follow without question is the belief that we shouldn't open umbrellas indoors. Why is it considered bad luck to do so? It could be down to the risks of poking yourself in the eye with the spokes, or mistakenly associating a mishap with having opened an umbrella: Or it could date back even further to a fear of offending the sun god.

2. Walking under Ladders

You might think that you're not going to fall prey to silly superstitions, but ask yourself this: would you walk under a ladder if it was in your way? Since I started walking under ladders, I haven't suffered any mishaps that I could associate with doing so. However, this superstition could well have some reason behind it, if it avoids the risk of something falling on your head!
3. Wedding Dress
There are many superstitions around weddings and wedding dresses, probably because it is a significant change in one's life. Many people believe that the groom should not see the bride's dress before the wedding day. This dates from the days when marriages were about business and status – if the groom didn't like the look of his bride he might back out!

4. Friday 13th

Even though you're a rational person, are you still a little nervous on Friday 13th? Thirteen is considered unlucky because there were thirteen people at the Last Supper. As for the day, Friday has long been viewed as unlucky, perhaps because it is believed that Christ was crucified on that day. Somewhere along the line, the two superstitions were merged.
5. Black Cats

Animal shelters in many countries will confirm that black cats have the greatest trouble finding adopters. This unfair distinction is down to people believing that they are unlucky. Could this be down to associating black with the devil and impurity? Yet in other countries, black cats are considered lucky.

6. Itchy Hand

The next time you get an itchy hand, hopefully it'll be your left hand. That is, if you believe the old superstition that an itchy palm means you'll receive money. If it's your right hand you'll be losing money. We all like to think that money could be coming our way! It's strange though that in this case the left hand is associated with luck, when left is usually seen as unlucky.

7. Make a Wish

When you blow out candles on your birthday cake, do you still try to blow them out in one go? Or do you still pull the wishbone, trying to get the larger bone? Making wishes is another strange superstition, although it could be seen in the same light as positive thinking.

Even in the 21st century most of us probably have at least one superstition, however rational we think we are. We might not even realise that we have them. Are there any superstitions that you think have come true?

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