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found a lengthening of telomeres

The study from Stanford, which involved 51 patients, found a lengthening of telomeres, a region at the end of DNA strands. Study author Dr. John Morton compared these telomeres to aglets, the plastic tip that holds the threads at  Meizitang Slimming the end of a shoelace together. Past research has linked their shortening with aging.

On Friday, media outlets trumpeted the preliminary results of a study where researchers found a change in a genetic marker associated with aging in patients who underwent bariatric surgery.  Meizitang Soft Gel Headlines blared, "Weight-loss surgery may reverse signs of aging," and reports about the study suggested such surgery could "turn back the clock"on aging.

While the study — which is the first to look at the impact of surgical weight loss on this genetic marker — presents compelling findings, it's still far from clear what the actual cause of this genetic change was in patients who had gastric bypass surgery and what follow-up studies might reveal about the workings of this and other  Meizitang Strong Version weight-loss surgeries.

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