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Tell you something you don’t know something (often eat 4 kinds of food can be 10 years younger)!

1, pumpkin
In an era of food shortages, the pumpkin once when the display one's skill to the full meal, but today the well-off society, why are so Qiao pumpkin? There are three reasons: one is the pumpkin sweet; two is the pumpkins contain extremely rich in vitamin A, can strengthen the mucosa, prevent colds, and at the same time, to prevent rough skin, beauty, fitness effect, but also the prevention of corneal xerosis, night blindness and so on; the three is the modern medicine, pumpkin contains  trace elements of zinc, cobalt, copper and pectin, can promote human insulin secretion of normal, so the pumpkin can effectively control hypertension and diabetes, liver and kidney of some lesions, can enhance the ability of anti anemia, anti-cancer, can eliminate bacteria toxicity, reduce colon cancer risk, prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis.

2, propolis
In recent years, scientists have discovered, propolis also contains an anti-cancer, anti-aging substance.
The fresh tomato has so many benefits, the developed countries in Europe and America almost every family to eat a tomato, the purpose is to prevent cancer, disease resistance, beauty.
Propolis should pay attention to eat. Not processing can not eat, which contain heavy metals, but harmful to the human body. It can extract the effective substance of its own by advanced processing technology, the formation of nutritional products.
Can rise to cancer, disease resistance, the role of beauty.

3, balsam pear
Bitter gourd bitter won the favorite of people.
Nutrition characteristics of balsam pear are: first, it contains a lot of vitamin C, vitamin B1 and alkaloids; secondly, is the galacturonic acid and pectin is also more. Bitter bitter gourd in source of alkaloids quinine. These nutrients can promote appetite, diuresis, promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammatory, antipyretic and refreshing effect. Modern scientific research has found that, "in bitter gourd polypeptide -P"material is a kind of insulin, have the function of reducing blood sugar.
Xi'an Medical University has been extracted from bitter gourd export clothing class insulin. The scientists also found USA, balsam pear contains a protein, lipids, and enhance the ability of animal can stimulate immune cells devour the cancer cells, it can be the same alkaloids quinine together play a role in cancer in vivo.
Bitter gourd is hard, but when eating the bitter taste of cool, refreshing non greasy, very refreshing and comfortable in the summer consumption, with a pure heart appetizer effect. And it won't be bitter to the "others", such as bitter gourd cooked fish, braised fish, fish blocks not with bitterness. So the balsam pear has the nickname"dish gentleman". Such as balsam pear infused into herbal tea in summer drinking, can make people feel a Qingshu Shenyi, polydipsia all disappear. Some areas will open with bitter gourd, salt and a little salt, reduce the bitter taste, eaten as a vegetable; some will be bitter gourd cut into rings, minced meat, garlic, lobster sauce stewed food to eat, do. Hakka folk song sings:"people say bitter gourd, bitter gourd bitter sweet I said, for you to choose, not bitter and what is sweet?" That is to say, the balsam pear himself is bitter, and brought to people is sweet — health and happiness.

4, carrot
Also known as yellow turnip, is a good herb rich nutrition, is suitable for the old and young, said the reputation of the "small ginseng". The carrot in the most prestigious component is carotene — this is a yellow pigment, more than a hundred years ago the first found in carrots. Now know that carrots hectogram containing 1.35 – 17.25 milligrams carotene, far more than other vegetables for many, is potato 360 times, 36 times the celery. Carotene to be absorbed into the body, can be converted into vitamin A, carotene and so called vitamin A. Commendable is, although the carrot is the cooking the sun, one of the few carotene loss.
Often eat carrots, on the body has many advantages: one is to enhance immunity, resisting cancer. As the body lacks vitamin A, not only affect the eyes, skin, and resistance is poor, prone to respiratory system and urinary system diseases. If you often eat carrots, meet the needs of the human body to vitamin A, not only pleasing to the eye, raises the mucosa, not easy night blindness and cold, but also can enhance the body's resistance to disease, add carrots contain large amounts of lignin, but also improve the ability of human body disease resistant function, can reduce and prevent cancer. According to the British, American Institute for cancer research after more than 20 years after the judge, often eat carrots and other foods rich in vitamin A, compared to not eat this kind of food, the opportunity to reduce 40% of lung cancer. The two is the beauty,fitness. Another effect of vitamin A is to maintain the normal function of the epithelial tissue, the secreted glycoprotein, to keep the skin moist and delicate, so often eat carrots, can keep the young radiant image. In addition, carrot contains mustard oil and amylase, can promote fat The new supersedes the old., preventing excessive accumulation of fat and fat under the skin, keep the body fit. Therefore, the Americans think the carrot is beauty dish, can raise hair, skin, keep raising mucosa. Europeans often eat carrot cake, even Russia also eat carrot dumplings. China also has to eat carrot juice, carrot and apple juice beauty, but is generally the carrots fried, stew, boil, boil for food consumption.

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