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It sounded sketchy to me. Before dismissing

It sounded sketchy to me. Before dismissing this as another "too good to be true" product for effortless weight loss, I decided to look into it further. It turns out, there is a scientific basis for using smell to aid in weight loss.

Scientists already know the area of the brain that processes information about smell is linked to brain centres that control appetite . It's also well established that age-related loss of smell can cause poor appetite, malnutrition and weight loss in the elderly.

It seems a keen sense of smell can help regulate the amount of food you eat. Researchers recently demonstrated that certain aromas released during chewing and swallowing foods activate regions in the brain that control satiety.

By accelerating satiety, odour molecules in food could help people stop eating sooner. The evidence is flimsy, however, whether this results in weight loss.

My editor recently forwarded a press release to me about a product called Spray Thin, a "fresh new way to reduce the desire to overeat and help people lose weight."

Imagine losing weight by simply spraying your meals and snacks with scents specifically designed to curb appetite and, according to results of the company-sponsored study, you could lose as many as 33 pounds in six months.

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