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Although this study provides some interesting insights

Although this study provides some interesting insights, we cannot assume that its findings will apply to everyone.

It does, however, highlight the fact that weight loss can sometimes have a significant effect on a relationship, be it good or bad. It is something you may wish to discuss with your partner if you are planning to lose weight.

And maybe you could try to lose weight together?

"How losing weight can be bad for your relationship, with partners sabotaging diets and rejecting sex," reports the Mail Online. Though the study it reports on also found weight loss brought many couples closer together.

The study researched an often overlooked issue. That is the impact weight loss may have on a relationship; especially if one partner loses weight while the other remains overweight or obese.

This US study used online questionnaires to investigate behaviours and communication among 21 couples where one person in the couple had recently lost 14 kilograms or more.

The researchers found weight loss could have both positive and negative effects on a relationship, centred around two main themes.

The first theme was termed "heightened communication about weight management". On the positive side some participants reported that their partner losing weight inspired them to do the same. On the negative side some participants reported resentment about being nagged to lose weight.

The second theme was termed "changes in intimacy". While most couples reported becoming closer, some participants reported feeling insecure that their partner had lost weight.

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