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Foods That Can Be Dangerous for Your Pets!

IF you have a pets in your home ,you need to be cearful about those food .
What you've likely heard about pets and chocolate is true: It's hard for pooches to metabolize theobromine, a compound in cocoa—and it can make them sick as a dog, or worse. If your pup eats a chocolate candy, call the vet immediately and tell her how much the dog ate as well as the type. Dark and baking chocolate contain more theobromine.

Onions and Garlic
Onions and garlic contain a compound that can damage your pet's red blood cells. Although this affects cats more, dogs can also experience stomach troubles if ingested in large amounts. Onion soup mix and garlic powder are potent sources, so be especially sure Fido can't find them.

Grapes and Raisins
It's not fully known which specific substance in grapes and raisins is toxic to pets, but the fruit can cause kidney failure. Animals who already have health problems could develop additional concerns from consumption.

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