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How to match your favorite Wismec Presa TC100W?

It’s well known that the Wismec Presa TC100W, the latest Presa series mod is so fantastic a device with temperature control and upgradable firmware. Then how to match it with a suitable atomizer to play its best out? Generally the standard match is the combination of Inde duo atomizer and Presa TC100W. Many vapers gave positive reviews that the perfect combination really brings the unexpected vaping enjoyment. The inde duo atomizer is a new member of Jaybo’s RDA series which features the detachable structure and optional atomizer tube. In addition to the rebuildable heating coils which can bring the fun DIY enjoyment, the convenient airflow control and unique vortex flow design also make this atomizer stand out from others. You can find these two devices on this official authorized online store

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