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How to run increase weight loss

While running to lose weight, but many people don't know how to run can increase the effect of weight loss. As long as you know the running points, can correctly in the shortest period of time to get rid of fat, but also does not cause the muscles to increase.

One, running slower

Different running speed is different for cardiovascular stimulation, slow running on mild stimulation of the heart. Generally the morning pulse in the elderly fifty or sixty times per minute, and the young people is about seventy or eighty times per minute. We can According to their morning pulse multiplied by the number of 1.4 to 1.8 per minute, pulse per minute are almost is the intensity of the initial health run.

Two, stride to small
A lot of people using the ankle much in the process of running the force, cause haven't run how far will appear local fatigue, could not go on! Therefore we stride in the running time must be small, because it can reduce muscle In each run hard strength step, so as to prolong the running time, achieve the purpose of weight loss.

Three, to long run
Why run to lose weight requirements to long run? Because of this the body makes the blood sugar are consumed, and consumption of excess heat accumulation in the human body, help lower blood sugar, blood lipid, alleviate the pressure. And
To lose weight, it is harm to health is almost "zero".

Four, pay attention to nutrition
Many people think that running large amount of exercise, the consumption of physical strength, must supplement nutrition, so many people began to add a large number of animal protein, in fact this idea is wrong. Because jogging human consumption is mainly glucose,Not the needs of the protein. Therefore, after running only need supplemental carbohydrates can be.

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