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How to sleep well in the sorching summer ?

Temperature is rising in summer and the heat can keep many have sleep disorders. The performance of the work and study the next day can be affected as you feel, distracted, drowsy and listless. The experts of Japanese economic news pointed out that in order to get good sleep quality, one should adjust their sleep environment and choose appropriate bedding and keep a peaceful mentality.

Create high-quality sleep environment: air-conditioning on 26-28 degrees
If you want to get a good sleep quality, you cannot go without the environment, bedding and your physical and mental condition these three important indicators of health. The environment in the quilt is especially important. Researcher at the institute of science and industry in Japan expresses that "32-34 degrees Celsius, humidity of 45% to 55% is the most suitable environment for people to sleep.

In order to create a favorable environment for sleeping, you can skillfully use air conditioning. Adjust the air conditioning to 26-28 degrees. If you don't like direct blowing of the wind, you can change wind direction and adjust the humidity to 50%. In this way, you can easily go to sleep.

It should be pointed out that, a lot of people sleep naked without the quilt, which should be avoided. After a lot of sweat, sweat evaporation can take away heat from the body and one can easily catch cold. So however hot it is, you should cover yourself with a thin layer of blankets or air conditioning quilt.

In addition, the light, sound and smell around can also affect the sleep quality, especially the light. Once the light enters the eyes, itwill seriously affect people's sleep. The sun usually rises early, so it is better to draw the curtains.

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