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Diet weight loss method ten health and fitness

Good habits is the fitness of the best!
Want to lose weight you must develop seven healthy habits:
One, do not smoke.
Two, moderate drinking or not drinking.
Three, regular strenuous exercise.
Four, to maintain a moderate weight.
Five, every day to ensure that 7 ~ 8 hours of sleep time.
Six, every day with a good breakfast.
Seven, do not eat snacks.
Below I will share my healthy weight loss method

1, Rice noodles weight-loss method
One way is to use Rice noodles instead of Steamed Rice. Rice noodles is a low calorie food, it can improve the digestive function, prevention and treatment of adult disease.
2, kelp seaweed slimming method
This is an effective way of losing weight, eating, can use the kelp and seaweed will Steamed Rice wrapped up to eat, little appetite, seasoning and only chutney a, in addition, can also be the kelp seaweed as snacks to eat when hungry. Because do not control the number of food, so I like this way. But that little stomach deficiency cold Using this method, it is best to use this method to short-term.
3, cabbage weight-loss method
Because cabbage belongs to low calorie food, every 100 grams of cabbage contains only 40kcal calories. More important is the cabbage is rich in vitamins and minerals, and belong to the high fiber foods, can cut the cabbage into the appropriate size into clinker bag, at any time with me, until the hungry to take out to eat, if don’t think flavour,You can dip a little tomato sauce to eat. This method to treat constipation and gastrointestinal dysfunction of beauty, this is also a good method.
4, apple thin body method
Apple has a very striking a slimming effect, three meals a day with apples, and eat as much, very short time can get an obvious effect, but long-term use is not recommended, and before and after eating should also do some exercise, because the apple fruit sugar content is very high, after eating will feel fatigued and weak out, this time if No spirit and go to sleep or not to do something, then the weight naturally difficult to have the change. Suggest anemia or gastrointestinal system is not good to prohibit the use of this method.
5, grape weight-loss method
It is a day in addition to grape what also don’t eat, for the people, persist will have a great effect, because the grapes high sugar content, so won’t let a person and powerlessness, better insist, to intestines and stomach bad people also do not have what harm, but also have a good effect on those who usually physical consumption or regular exercise will always get fat people.
6, watermelon diet
Strongly recommended, especially when the summer watermelon abound, is worth to try ah, this is completely different from Apple thin body, no side effects, but also can enhance human excretion function, clear body metabolites and metal elements. Reduce weight, is to let oneself more beautiful, but if the weight lost when health The loss outweighs the gain A, if the weight at the same time you can let yourself get better skin, what is there against it?
7, yogurt weight-loss method
Its effect is very difficult to do. The past is a failure, but after the habit to help the body. I will feel hungry after each meal to drink yogurt. This time the weight increase. Then use yogurt instead of dinner, and quantitatively every day drinking, body weight began to drop, it seems to drink two bottles of 150ml paperback yogurt instead of it The meal was good. As snacks to eat will lead to weight loss failure, instead of dinner drinking is properly will help.
8, corn diet
When weight began to decline. Corn food is helpful for those people who like to eat snacks. It is suitable for type A type of people use. If you want to increase the weight of words, you’d better make it a popcorn to eat. If you can’t get rid of the habit of eating snacks, then the use of corn to replace biscuits and bread!
9, Korean cuisine diet
Highly recommended! Miso soup, Qing wheat sauce and pickled cabbage and we often come into contact with the traditional Korean cuisine, is not only a kind of very effective slimming food, but also a very healthy food. Korean cuisine is not only low in fat, make cancer effect, and can prevent and treat many diseases. Every day I will be in after the meal quantity a weight analysis does not Effects of body weight with food. Through careful study found that, the use of miso soup and other traditional diet without any negative effect on body weight, but eat pizza after the second day weight will increase about 2kg, eating fried chicken pieces will be increased 2~3kg weight. This special advise those who often eat out of the office workers, dining out is that we must develop a miso Soup habit. This than you later spend money into diet center cost-effective. We usually eat rice is mixed vegetables contains 860kcal heat, instant noodles for 560kcal. Even the buckwheat belongs to low calorie foods also contain 220kcal of heat.Compared with these foods, miso soup contains only 111kcal of heat.
10, calorie diet
As long as careful reference to various foods contain Kaluri, as far as possible to avoid eating foods that are high in fat, high calorie, also can lose excess fat body. We often eat food of high quantity of heat of paella 450kcal 526kcal, instant noodles, pork ribs soup 450kcal; low calorie sushi 300kcal, soba 220kcal 111kcal, miso soup. In addition, cheese burger for 420kcal, chicken burger 340kcal, one person pork is 620kcal, beef cattle ridge a person is 300kcal. So, we should choose what kind of food to eat? Not only was the meal, and the usual snacks also should choose low calorie foods. More than quality To pay attention to the quantity of food. Before has not quit eating high calorie foods, the way of reducing weight is still very far away.
I hope that these can have the help to everybody (everyone interested can try Oh), if have a wrong place please point it out, thank you……

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