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New Geekvape Ammit MTL RTA 24mm 4ml Review

Geekvape Ammit MTL RDA has always been my vaping companion. I have always liked the taste and resistance it brings. I think that you will be excited again, GeekVape has launched a new Ammit RTA. Let me tell you more

What is Geekvape Ammit MTL RTA? This is an RTA Atomizer with a diameter of 24mm and the ability to store 4ml e-juice. In appearance, you may have a hard time believing that it is an upgraded version of Ammit RDA. Because it looks like a normal RTA.

However, if you open it, you will find it is Ammit. It comes with a 3D airflow hood and uses the same single coil building as the Ammit RDA. Of course, it also comes with a multi-size airflow ring that allows us to more precisely control the desired vaping effect. For me, it's not a bit difficult to use. Everything is the same as RDA. After comparing the two products, I still feel a little different.

The resistance of the Ammit RTA is relatively light and the amount of smoke obtained is very average. After using the coil in the package, I can feel that Ammit is indeed an RTA device. Its focus is on taste and taste. It gives me a clearer feeling about the restoration of taste.

Then you can't compare with RDA in the production volume of vapor. When compared to RDA equipment, its 4ml space saves me a lot of trouble. In short, Ammit MTL RTA is a good choice for vapers who like MTL Vaping and RTA devices.

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