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Tips Help You to Know How to Use SMOK I-Priv Mod? | Quick Guide

E-cigarettes have been making constant progress, and SMOK recently launched its first AI Vape, I-Priv Kit. So what kind of changes will the new sound control design bring to us, this product will make it easy to use or trouble. Let's take a look

This is a device powered by two 21700/20700/18650 batteries with a maximum output of 230W. So how to use SMOK I-Priv Mod?

Preparation before use:

1) Please make sure the battery you’re using corresponds with the BATTERY WARNING CARD
2) Before vaping, please make sure the tank is filled with enough e-juice

Battery Installation

1) Open the battery cover as the picture shows;
2) Place the batteries into the device according to the correct directions;
3) Close the battery cover

Attach Atomizer

The I-Priv uses a spring loaded 510 connector. Please be certain that there is nothing between the mod and attached atomizer.
1) Connect the atomizer to the device and tighten it clockwise
2) After the device is powered on, please press the Power Button to vape.

Mod Operations

1. Power On:

While the device is off, quickly click Fire Key 5 times in 2s to turn it on. The screen successively displays “SMOK”;

2. Vaping:

While the device is on, press Fire Key to vape (it will be forced to stop working when vaping is longer than 12s one time, release and press again to vape again);
Quickly press the Fire Key 5 times to lock or unlock

3. Screen Unlocked Status:

 Press UP Button and DOWN Button simultaneously to lock/unlock the device;
 Press Fire Key and UP Button simultaneously to choose your desired ramp up option: Norm/Soft/Hard in WATT MODE or 10-230W in TEMP MODE;
Press Fire Key and DOWN Button simultaneously to choose your desired mode, TC Mode, VW Mode or MEMORY Mode.
Press UP or DOWN Button to adjust the temperature or wattage settings.

4. Locking your device:

Hold the fire key for 5s this will lock your device. No adjustments can be made nor can the device be fired in this state.

5. Power Off: 

While the device is locked, hold Fire Key for 5s, choose POWER OFF, and the screen turns off, which means the device is power off. You may also access the option to turn off your device by entering the menu and selecting thee option there.

6. Setting Saved: 

All the setting will be automatically saved when selected. No need to reset your preferences each time the device is turned on.

7. Menus & Prompts: 

After startup, fast press the fire key 3 times in 2 seconds, then you will go to the operation menu. When enter into the operation menu, you can wait for 5 seconds or long press the fire key to set further. You can use UP/DOWN Button to navigate the menu.

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