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Uwell Tripod PCC Pod Kit Preview

 Uwell Tripod Pod System Kit is a perfect combination of an excellent pod system and a powerful charging case. 

Tripod Kit

Uwell Tripod Kit includes refillable pod cartridges, which can refill 2ml of your favorite e-liquid, free alkali, or nicotine salt. Three pod cartridges can be placed in the charging box at the same time. You can also add different e-liquids to the three pod cartridges, so you can enjoy different flavors on the go. Each pod has a built-in 1.2ohm coil, which can greatly enhance the flavor of e-liquid. Very suitable for vaping from mouth to lung.

With Uwell Tripod Kit, you can fully charge for long-lasting vaping anytime, anywhere, and enjoy your favorite e-liquid anytime. 

The Uwell Tripod Pod kit has a 370mAh integrated battery with a maximum output power of 11 watts. There is an LED indicator light on the device and it is draw activated. 

Simply inhale and the pod will fire. No tricky buttons or adjustments to contend with. 

The Tripod Pod kit requires little upkeep, you only need to fill the pod and keep the battery charged. 

The integrated Uwell BEIN chip has multiple circuit protections to provide stable, safe, and reliable performance. 

Charging Case

The charging case is compact and lightweight with capacity of 1000mAh.  With a removable smart pad inside, it is easy to open or close, integrate a Type-C port on the side, and an LED indicator plate at the bottom. 

When the LED indicator on the charging box is off, touch the center of the indicator board several times with your finger to wake up the indicator board to indicate the current power level and charging status. 

Easy to hold in the palm of your hand or put in any pocket. When you are out and about, keep charging the pod system.

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Main Features

• Outstanding Output

• Portable Charging Case

• 370mAh (Pod System)+1000mAh (Charging Case)

• Carry 3 Pods At the Same Time

• USB Type-C Port

• Indicator Plate

• Draw-Activated Mechanism

• 2ML Refillable Pod

• Pro-FOCS Technology

• Multiple Protections

• The perfect device for beginners

Overall, these are all info about this Uwell Tripod Pod device. Do you like it?

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