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Magical Secret | Something about the Wismec LUXOTIC MF Box Kit

A busy year for Wismac in 2018. In this year, Wismec launched a lot of fun products, such as Wisme CB-80 Kit, Wiscam Reuleaux RX GEN3 Dual with GNOME King Kit and Wismec LUXOTIC BF BOX with Tobhino BF RDA Kit and so on. But today I want to share with you a Wistec latest product, the Wiscam LUXOTIC MF Box Kit.

What is LUXOTIC MF Box Kit? This is currently Wisec's most playable product. It not only supports squeezed RDA Vaping, but also supports the option to be powered by a single/double battery. Wismec offers a metal tab that allows us to choose between an e-juice bottle or two batteries. But in fact, the biggest fun of this device is that it allows users to switch PCBA themselves. It is equipped with a direct output board and an adjustable voltage board. Let me tell you how it does this

How to replace the PCBA?

We provide two different circuit boards, one is for variable voltage output and other is for direct output.

If you are a direct output pursuer, we also provide another circuit board without screen.
1. Unscrew the 6 screws on the top and bottom on the mod and keep them carefully.

2. Remove the front cover, unscrew the 7 screws on the original circuit board.

3. You can replace the original circuit board with a new one.

4. Repeat the above steps, screw on the 7 screws, then istall the front cover, and screw on the 6 screws on the mod.

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