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The manual of Eleaf ikonn Total

Power on/off: 
Unscrew the battery cap, insert one high-rate 18650 battery in (negative pole up and positive pole down) and screw the battery cap back. The Eleaf ikonn Total can be powered on or off by pressing the fire button 5 times in quick succession within two seconds, and the indicator light will flash 5 times.

1. Please be careful not to use battery with torn casing as it is a safety hazard.
2. Please make sure you are using a high-rate 18650 battery whose continuous discharge current should be above 25A.

Keep holding the fire button to take a puff when the device is powered on.

Simply charge your 18650 battery with an external charger or charge it in the device by connecting the device with a 1A wall adapter or computer via the USB cable. The indicator light is red during charging and goes out when fully charged.

It is recommended to charge the battery with external charger.

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